Change The End Game…

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

So, they say you have to deal with the hand you’re dealt; that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. We’re told not to “rock the boat” and “don’t upset the apple cart.” That all of “this” is about a pre-determined “end game” over which we have limited control and that we have to play by the rules.

We’re often held, or maybe we hold ourselves, to what we believe is some sort of standard, of what is expected. Maybe what might be considered “normal”.

But you will have those moments, those glimpses into what can be changed. You’ll start to believe that you can shuffle the deck and change the direction of those stripes. You’ll envision a time when you can not only rock the boat, but also right the ship and set a new course. And realize that you don’t need that cart because you’ll plant your own tree.

Sometimes it’s about looking at your life through a different lens, and thinking about taking the opportunity to change that “end game.”

Are you changing your “end game”?

Never Leave It Short…