That Rough Patch…

Posted on Nov 11, 2015

For many of us, most days we are heads down, and hopefully eyes wide open, our sights clearly set on the future and the promise it holds. Yet, we might have a day here and there that leaves us scratching our heads, wondering, and maybe knowing, what we could or should have done differently or better. And oh by the way, “better” being relative to what might be important to us at the time. It’s just to be expected.

For the most part, life takes us along a fairly even plane, an even keel that becomes a habit, maybe even an expectation. We have an enduring belief, or a faith, that if we just work hard enough and keep our nose clean and our hands dirty, good things will ultimately come to us. After all, isn’t that what we were brought up to believe and what we deserve?

Yet, along the way we will have those tenuous times, some feeling painfully longer than others or maybe what we feel we can endure, that we cannot remotely envision. Not only will we scratch our heads, we will pull our hair out; we might even think we are being singled out for something we did in our past and we’re paying for our transgressions; we are befuddled beyond belief, and yet, we have no explanation, no rationale, no matter how hard we try. We have experienced that damn rough patch. That stretch of our journey that makes us feel grounded, when all we want to do is fly. It might feel like that ultimate kick in the gut.

But maybe the trick is knowing that the rough patch will come, and oh by the way it has friends and cousins, and they tend to raise their heads when we least expect them, or when they least expect we are ready. It will often come out of the blue with a force we don’t recognize and think we’ll never anticipate it, or be ready.

So, what’s the point?  Be ready. They say you should live in the moment, which we rarely do, or know how to do. But even if you do, be ready for that rough patch because ultimately it is temporary.   And though we might not know it, we are all equipped to overcome that damn rough patch.