Climbing the Ladder….

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

Climbing the Ladder…. So you’ve had another birthday…you’re what? 31, 42, 57, 68, or maybe 85? Does it really matter how you’ve spent your time? Of course it does, because we all leave footprints. Does it matter what you do thereafter, and how you spend the days, weeks, months, and years that follow? Oh yes, indeed it does, and then some. You’re climbing that ladder. You can view your birthday as just another day and another year behind you; another one “under your belt;” relishing on past accomplishments and what a wonderful run you’ve had. Depending on your place in life, you might even think you’ve finally “made it.” You’ve conquered the beast and fought the great fight. You’ve climbed that ladder. And, FINALLY, you can kick it back and relax. But wait, maybe you have the self awareness to know that, while it is another day, another week, month, or year gone by, you can never take it for granted.   You can’t afford to be comfortable and think that it’s all, or even partially, downhill from here.   You have another step to climb on that ladder. Some of the greatest athletes in history said, in their own way, that they continually looked over their shoulder; that someone else just as talented was out there working just as hard, or harder, than they were to reach the top of that ladder. You can live with the attitude on that leads you heading downhill, or you can keep climbing to the top of that ladder. Are you climbing that next rung on that ladder? Never Leave It...

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