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Sold…So What Did You Learn?

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

This past Friday, November 9, 2012, the house I lived in and around for almost 42 years was passed on to the next generation.  It will be a wonderful home to the new family and I only trust that they will enjoy, and embrace, the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it a very, very special place. It’s filled with the handiwork of my Dad,  a Korean War veteran, and the unending love and support of my mother and their marriage of 60+ years.  It’s filled with the hand-crafted cabinets and bookshelves Dad built in his workshop in the basement as well as the memories of the homemade apple pies and chicken noodle soup (the noodles for which only my mother could make). It’s also filled with the many wonderful memories of so many experiences that shaped me,  like walking home from middle school after  winning the 9th grade county basketball championship; the patio basketball court and flood lights Dad built and installed to let me pretend that I could, maybe, one day be the next Peter Maravich or Larry Bird; the summers that my buddies and I spent thinking we could actually build a raft out of old, empty oil barrels that might somehow float so we could spend a few minutes on the the pond behind the house; and the many holidays we all spent as a family doing the Yankee Swap, often with homemade crafts scraped together and carved from the remnants of scrap wood from Dad’s workshop in the basement. The life lessons from those 42+ years is indescribable and very personal. They provided a foundation, and instilled a work ethic and a belief that anything was possible if you rolled up your sleeves, got dirty, and didn’t mind the sweat dripping off of your forehead. Those life lessons and that foundation have led to  a  journey that, for me, is nowhere complete. It’s about knowing what you’ve learned, never losing sight of what got you here, but taking those next steps to realize what you have to offer and believing that their are no limits and you have to take your...

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